Car Seat Technician Training

February 28-March 2nd we hosted a Car Seat Safety Technician Training course in partnership with SGI. Nine technicians received the training, including six individuals from Humboldt & area. Extending this training to a variety of organizations ensures the smallest members of our communities are riding as safely as possible in their seats. If you are in need of having a child car seat installed or checked, please contact one of our local CPSAC technicians at:

Humboldt Protective Services: 306-682-2525

Humboldt EMS: 306-682-5556

Humboldt Early Years Family Resource Centre: 306-682-5004

Lanigan RCMP: 306-365-1370

Robin Leuschen (Cudworth Fire Department): 306-233-8033

On September 12th, 2022, we hosted a Car Seat Clinic, in partnership with the Humboldt Early Years Family Resource Center. It was a beautiful day to inspect 22 car seats, to ensure our youngest community members are travelling as safe as possible in their seats. Thank you to our technicians from Lanigan RCMP, SGI and Saskatchewan Prevention Institute for sharing their knowledge with parents and grandparents about car seat safety.

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