by: WorkSafe Saskatchewan

 In Saskatchewan, about 8,000 young workers (roughly one in 10) are injured and four die every year while on the job. All of these injuries are preventable.

Protect yourself with these simple tips:

  • Take the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course; workers aged 14 and 15 must successfully complete the course before an employer can hire them.
  • Once you get a job – ask, ask, ask! There is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • Learn to do the job safely. Ask yourself, “Am I in any danger?”
  • Think the job through. Know what to do when there is an injury or emergency situation.
  • Get help, especially if you have to lift something heavy.
  • Wear the gear. Find out what you need to wear in order to protect yourself. Learn how to wear and maintain it properly.
  • Inform your supervisor if you notice anything unsafe that may pose a risk to yourself or someone else.
  • If there are any concerns that you cannot resolve with your supervisor, discuss them with the occupational health committee (OHC) worker, or health and safety representative in your company.
  • Report injuries – if you get hurt, tell your supervisor. See a doctor and report your injury to the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) at 1-800-787-9288.
  • Talk to your family about your job. Sometimes they have experience that can help keep you safe on the job!