The Positive Ticketing Campaign is a positive reinforcement project, created by BC Police Officer, Ward Clapham in hopes to build relationships between the police force and youth which focuses on three pillars; Proactiveness, Root Causes and Synergy.  

To be proactive, is to take responsibility.  Focus on proactive activities, not reactive ones. Instead of catching kids doing something wrong, Positive Tickets in about catching kids doing something right, and encouraging them to lead active, productive lifestyles.

Positive Ticketing strikes at the root of youth problems.  It’s not about getting a free coupon, its about the relationships between adults giving the tickets and the children and youth receiving them.  

Positive Tickets is a community effort, not about one organization or person, it takes community synergy.  The synergy of people working together in the common goal of making communities safe and healthy will lead to keeping our children and youth on a healthy, productive path.

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