Safe Communities Humboldt & Area thanks each of our 2022 Members.  Without your support, our mission could not be fulfilled!

Gold Members ($1,000+)

Silver Members ($500-$999)

Humboldt Cooperative Association Limited

R.M. of St. Peter, No. 369

R.M. of Three Lakes, No. 400

R.M. of Wolverine, No. 340

Schulte Industries Ltd.

Bronze Members ($26-499)

Accent Insurance Services Inc.

Carlton Trail College

Humboldt Collegiate Institute

Humboldt Motors Ltd.

Kurt Leicht-Hollis Wealth Management

Marguerite Cunningham

R.M. of Humboldt, No. 370

Schuler-Lefebvre Funeral Chapel

Town of Bruno

Basic Members ($25)

Humboldt Community Gathering Place

Humboldt & District Chamber of Commerce

Humboldt & District Community Services

Humboldt Housing Authority

PARTNERS Family Services Inc.

Town of Lanigan

Town of LeRoy

Village of Englefeld

Village of Muenster